•  Until further notice, it will be mandatory for all of our customers to wear a cloth face covering whenever visiting Smog 805. This includes when coming into the office to check in, when pulling up your vehicle, and also when outside and around your vehicle.
  • Please ensure the mask covers both your mouth and nose in accordance with CDC Safety Guidelines.
  • Masks with valves are not acceptable. Please see the diagram below. 
2000 & Newer Vehicle Testing Information
  • We will be performing touchless inspections for vehicles 2000 and newer.
  • After you have been checked in we will ask you to pull your vehicle up to the inspection bay with your driver's door opening to the bay, leave the vehicle running, step out and wait in our designated parking spot. 
  • If you are within 12 FEET of your vehicle while it is being tested, please keep your mask on.
1976 to 1999 Vehicle Testing Information
  • We are still performing inspections on vehicles 1976 and up. However, as those vehicles require additional testing, we are taking them on a walk-in basis only.​
  • Due to our modified procedures with vehicles 2000 and newer, we would ask for your patience when bringing in your 1976-1999 vehicle. We are doing our best to not get into any customer's vehicle unless absolutely necessary. 
  • If our technician does need to enter your vehicle, either to move it, or test it on the dynamometer, we will be utilizing disposable seat covers, disposable steering wheel covers, and disposable gear shifter covers. 
  • But rest assured we will try to maintain the same level of fast and efficient service as you've come to expect. 
Check Out Process
  • We have moved to a contactless payment system and encourage you to use Google Pay/Apple Pay/Samsung Pay, or any contactless payment. This not only ensures your safety by limiting high contact surfaces, but it provides a fast and secure secure payment method. 
  • We are still accepting cash and checks if you are unable to pay with a credit card. 
Thank you !   

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Thank you for doing your part to keep California Clean & Green

*ONE free re-test per vehicle per every paid inspection. Re-inspection is free, customer pays $8.25 smog certificate fee.